Chiang Mai

TEFL Courses in Chiang Mai – Reviews

Intro to TEFL Courses in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful place to visit and to live. The pace is slower in Chiang Mai. It’s known for it’s cooler climates, mountains and lush scenery. Even though it’s less built up than Bangkok, it still has all the modern amenities you need.

WARNING: Even if you want to live and work in Chiang Mai, you might be better off doing your TEFL certificate course in Bangkok.

Why? Well, even if you get a job in Chiang Mai, it’s likely that you’ll have to apply and interview for it in Bangkok.

Best TEFL in Chiang Mai!


We cannot speak directly about the quality of their instruction, but we do know that they are a very reputable company. They’ve been conducting courses in Thailand for awhile, and we’ve never heard a complaint. There instruction is solid and their courses produce quality teachers.

Avoid These TEFL Courses!

UniTEFL International

We say this only because we know nothing about them which probably means they are a new player in the game. Or, it could mean they used to go by a different name and changed it because of poor reviews. They may be a great school, but we’ve never heard of them.

Other “Reputable” TEFL Courses

Chiang Mai University TEFL

They’ve been around for 5+ years, so that’s good news. We’re not sure if they are actually affiliated with Chiang Mai University, but it doesn’t matter one way or the other. If they do have an affiliation, it has no benefits in Thailand. We could equally include them in the “Avoid” section.

Entrust TEFL

Same as above minus the Chiang Mai University affiliation.

Summary of TEFL in Chiang Mai

Go with a TEFL in Bangkok. Even if you end up teaching in Chiang Mai, it’s extremely likely that you’ll have to be in Bangkok to undergo the hiring process anyway. So why make all that extra work?

If you’re dead-set on getting a TEFL in Chiang Mai, go with SEE TEFL. The rest of the competition is too unknown.

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