Teaching English in Thailand Salary

Teach English in Thailand & Get Straight Paid Boooyy!

Intro to Salaries in Thailand

You Will NOT Become a Millionaire Teaching English in Thailand, But You WILL Have a Great Time! Bottom Line.

Understand that all figures are approximate. They are meant to reflect the typical job. Obviously, every situation is unique.

Salaries Paid by Agencies & Government School Salaries

If you go through an agency and work at a government school, you can expect to get paid about 30-35,000 baht in BASE* salary. This is typical for entry-level English teaching jobs.

90%+ of the people we’ve trained (even non-native speakers of English) started at 35,000 baht/month or more and then moved on to 40,000-45,000 in their next job (after 3-6 months, sometimes sooner). If you follow our advice in this blog, and you were properly trained, you can easily get the 40,000-45,000 baht per month jobs.

*BASE. Does not include side jobs, bonuses, tutoring, etc.

Private School Salaries (e.g. Assumption College, Sarasas, St. Johns, etc.)

If you start teaching English at a private school you can expect to make about 50,000 baht/month.

University & Technical School SalariesThey typically pay 30,000 baht/month. The pay might seem low, but it’s less hours, more enjoyable work, more prestigious, and gives you access to higher-paying outside opportunities (e.g. editing, tutoring, etc.).

A lot of these jobs never get published & are filled via word of mouth. As such, it’s rare for you to land in Thailand and immediately acquire one of these positions. However, get out and network, and you can grab one of these sought after posts!

However, there’s the potential to get one off the bat if you have the fortitude and tenacity to do some research on universities, make contact with someone at the University, or just drop-in to talk with the appropriate staff at the Uni.

Just about every University has an English language program with a handful of people like you teaching.

Corporate Salaries (e.g. Inlingua, AUA, Wall Street Institute)

Here you can expect to make about 50,000 baht/month with many opportunities to earn money on the side.

International School Salaries (e.g. KIS & NIST International Schools)

This is a big subject unto itself and will be saved for another article on another day.

In short, if you’re looking to teach English in Thailand, you’re probably not qualified to teach at International Schools.

However, it’s not unusual for English teachers in Thailand to maneuver into positions as English teachers at International Schools. Usually they are the less desirable IS’s with the less desirable salaries, but for someone with just a TEFL, it’s the Holy Grail. Salaries here are 55,000+ baht/month and can go up to 150,000 baht/month for properly qualified subject-matter teachers.

Taxes & Benefits

Taxes are quite low in Thailand. Expect about 5% of your salary to go to taxes.

Benefits do vary, but most legitimate companies provide dental & medical (or will offer you the option to purchase it at a ridiculously cheap rate).

In our experience, they will deduct 750 baht/month from your salary, which pays for 1/2 of it. The company then pays the other half. Most people aren’t even aware of these benefits. Definitely inquire.

The medical and dental care I got for 750 baht/month was top-notch!!! I even got to pick my hospital, private hospitals included. (Guaranteed to get 1 out of the 3 you write down). I know people from the UK who needed major and serious surgery done. Instead of going back to England (where it’s covered for free), they were more than happy to use their insurance to go to a Thai hospital where the care is quality enough.

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