Samui – Review

TEFL Courses in Samui – Down & Dirty Review!

Introduction to TEFL Courses in Samui

I’m not sure what attracts people to do a TEFL in Koh Samui. TEFL courses in Samui are 2nd-rate at best. None of the top providers have courses there. However, there is obviously demand for TEFL courses in Koh Samui, Thailand.

I understand the allure of islands and the sea. That’s my style. However, if ‘beach paradise’ is what you’re after, I would suggest doing your TEFL in Phuket and NOT in Samui. I can only guess that people do their TEFL in Samui because they want to go diving at Koh Tao or go to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. During your TEFL course, you’re not going to have time to go diving in Koh Tao. And the Full Moon Party is something you can (and should) go to before or after your course.

Why Should I Do a TEFL in Phuket and Not Samui?

For most people, getting to and from Koh Samui will be more expensive than Phuket. Bangkok Airways owns the airport and Samui, and so it works kind of like a monopoly.

You’re HIGHLY unlikely to find a TEFL Job in Samui as a first-time teacher. Samui is a highly desirable place for teachers, so the competition is much higher. Although the same is true for Phuket, you are much more likely to find a job teaching English in Phuket. There are a lot more TEFL jobs in Phuket than in Samui.

Phuket offers a better mix of first world comforts + unspoiled natural beauty. It will be a much easier and smoother transition. Everything you can do in Koh Samui, you can do in Phuket. You can still go snorkeling and diving. And it’s only a few hours bus ride to get to boat that will take you to the Full Moon Party.

Best TEFL in Samui

None. I’m not sure what it is about Samui, but it seems to attract the less legitimate operations. Do a TEFL course in either Phuket or Bangkok.

Avoid These Samui TEFL Courses

Island TEFL in Samui

Their facilities are a joke. Their course is in a garage! They offered a friend of mine (who is not qualified to be a TEFL trainer) 30,000 baht to be their TEFL trainer. Yikes! Also, They don’t offer much job support. Pass.

TEFL Heaven in Koh Samui

They are new to the TEFL industry. I recommend them over Island TEFL and Samui TEFL, but I still would avoid them.

Samui TEFL

Definitely the worst and least reputable of these 3 TEFL courses in Samui. Logos aren’t everything, but could their logo be any cheesier?

TEFL World Samui

If you ABSOLUTELY must take a TEFL course in Koh Samui, then perhaps these are the guys to go with. We do NOT recommend them, but they are the most legitimate of the bunch.

Summary of TEFL Courses in Samui

Avoid all of the TEFL Samui courses.

We seriously can’t recommend a TEFL in Samui. Yes, it’s a great vacation, but almost impossible to find a job there. If you want your TEFL to be a beach holiday vacation, you’re better off doing it in Phuket for a 1,000 reasons. With all that said, we recommend doing a TEFL in Bangkok since that’s where the job recruiters and job placement professionals are.