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What to Know About TEFL Reviews in Thailand

  1. Salt.  Take reviews with a BIG grain of salt.
  2. Can You Distinguish Between a Complainer and a Real ReviewCrybabies.  People are 100x’s more likely to make a review when they’ve had a problem than when everything went smoothly.
  3. Question.  When reading a review, ask yourself:
    • Does that sound like a one-off problem or a recurring problem?
    • Does that sound like the person might have had unrealistic expectations?
    • Does it sound like it was a communication breakdown, perhaps on the part of the student?
  4. Fake!
    • Reviews are easy to fake both positively and negatively.
    • TEFL Courses Can Change QuicklyWhat that means is that some companies have put in a lot of time to make fake positives for themselves and fake negatives for others.
  5. Time.
    • Things change over time, sometimes overnight.
    • A TEFL training course might be great one year and awful the next, and vice-versa because of
      • new ownership, new management, different TEFL trainer, etc.
  6. Trainer.  The trainer is one of the the most important factors.
    • Check the Profile of the TEFL Program's TrainersWe know a course in Thailand that used to have THE BEST TEFL trainer.  When he left, they replaced him with a Thai.  Now, he was a good teacher given that he wasn’t fluent in English, never trained to be an English teacher, never taught English, and never trained to be a trainer.  However, is that really who you want to give your hard-earned money to?
    • So, feel free to ask for a profile of THE trainer who will be teaching YOUR course.  If they cannot provide you with one, move on.
  7. Job Assistance/Guarantee.
    • A TEFL provider worth a dang should provide a specific job guarantee/assitance.
    • This can really only happen if you take a class INSIDE the country where you will be teaching.
    • Make sure they are specific about their assistance/guarantee.
    • If they aren’t, move on.
  8. kdkkdk
  1. Trusted Source.  Seek out people who have previously completed a course and get their advice.


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